Recessed Air Curtains

Recessed Air curtains Range

Recessed Air Curtains

Recessed Optima air curtain

Low pressure for commercial doors air curtains

Optima Recessed - Restaurant - Paul Bocuse - France - Collonges au Mont Or Lyon

Curtain Paul Bocuse Restaurant France

Recessed Windbox SMG air curtain

High pressure for commercial and industrial doors air curtains

Recessed Dam air curtain

High pressure air curtains

Recessed Kool air curtain

High velocity to more protection against dust, fumes, pollutants and insects. Air curtain without any heating

Recessed Invisair air curtain

Specially designed to be installed inside a column or bulkhead

Windbox S,M,G,The,XL with invisible kits

High pressure standard air curtain adapted for inside ceiling surface or false ceiling invisible mounting