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Founded in 1986, Airtècnics is from 1993 fully integrated in the Rosenberg Group. Our production plant is placed in Castellar del Vallès, Barcelona, where we produce air curtains, small air handling units, fan boxes, fan filter units, centrifugal fans and other special and OEM equipment.

Besides our own production, Airtècnics distributes a wide range of HVAC products, mostly produced by Rosenberg Group companies, offering products selected following only the highest standards quality criteria.

Airtècnics is a market leader manufacturer of high quality door air curtains for all applications.

The growing importance of the use of air curtains together with the several architectural, technical, design and aesthetic needs to each type of door, has led Airtècnics to design more than 20 air curtain models with an average of 40 references each. We expect to reach 25 models this year 2013.

The experimented Airtècnics R&D department works together with the UPC Technical University of Catalunya (Barcelona) to incorporate at our air curtains latest technology to achieve optimum performance and efficient operation. We are at the cutting edge of air curtains knowledge and technology.

We are proud of our highly qualified team composed by master engineers, designers, specialized technicians and skilled professionals ready to assist our customers in any questions they may have regarding to HVAC system design, installation or service maintenance requirements.


Airtecnics has a large experience (more than 17 years producing air curtains) and exports to more than 35 countries world-wide.

Be sure that Airtècnics or our worldwide distributors network will give you the right solution for any air curtains application.

European Distributors Air Curtains

European Distributors Air Curtains Airtècnics

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